FIXME: Look over new file...

Things to do:

  • make new clusters for:
    • howto
    • framework features
    • tutorials

  • check /WantedPages
    • re-add lost hackergotchi images at user pages.
    • ..other things...

check /CodeExamples due to lot's of changes in SGL again and again.

edit wacko theme. see for ideas

Things that have to be fixed:

{{search phrase="fixme"}}

Comments about that fixme issues:

[FIXME: one word on unix vs tcp and ports...]

  • there is a blurb on this, not sure where it is now ..

FIXME: add under tips and tricks; make 0.4.0 compatible ;);) WernerKrauss? /19.01.2005 16:48/

  • yeah, please do, i hope to use this in near future

FIXME: orphaned theme page. where to include? WernerKrauss? /22.08.2005 23:41/

  • is very

similar to , they should be combined

FIXME: note: don't know if this is still actual in 0.4.0. AJ will rewrite itemstuff soon...

  • it is still true, AJ's planning on making a GUI to do this though

FIXME: move to /Internal cluster? WernerKrauss? /22.08.2005 23:39/ (ProjectBuildAndDeploymentProcess?)

  • yes please

FIXME: should we add this to Home Page? WernerKrauss? /22.08.2005 23:09/ (HelloWorldTutorial?)

  • i want to finish this soon, requires some bugfixing, when it's ready

will be on homepage