YAMIN: Yet Another Module I'd Need

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This is just for reminding me, what modules i'd need or could dive into to program, if i ever have LOFT left. Don't know when this will be ;)

  • Bookmark Manager see /CreatingYourOwnModules: needs to be rewritten for 0.4.x
  • Simple Event Mgr (Terminkalender) first version released [/WernerKrauss WernerKrauss] /23.08.2005 00:10/
  • Image Gallery (use mig's stuff and rewrite it OO) or integrate Gallery
  • ECard for Image Gallery
  • Module for www.hallstatt.net's accomodation-list - maybe use publisher for this?
  • Module for "wallpapers":
    • collection of wallpapers for download
    • upload a big picture (1600x1200), other sizes and thumbnails will be generated automatically
    • use Gallery for that, too...