Computer programmer and amateur artist...

I maintain my own modest (lack of time) site: PhiLhoWorld

I needed a good framework to have a big headstart on a little e-shop I must create.

After looking at a lot (OMG, how many of them are they?) of PHP frameworks, I chose Seagull out of several criterions:

  • No PHP5 - not supported by all hosts.
  • No Smarty dependency - I want a template engine, not a heavyweight parallel programming language... Ideally, I would like to have something like StringTemplate, but this doesn't seems to exists yet in PHP.
  • Good support of I18N - I like the way SGL handle it, using native PHP, not heavy gettext or database...
  • Good support of authentication and security, wrapping of tedious, necessary but hard to make (the first time) and always necessary (so repetitive task) code snippets.
  • Still small, so probably reactive and easier to master in a short time.
  • Good documentation and exemples (not sure about this yet :-P).
  • Nice licence. I like BSD, I use myself a derivative (zlib/libpng) for my own work.
  • Etc. Nice site too, clear and helpful (for choice).

I like that the doc. is on Wiki (and this !Wakka/Wacko/Wiki seems good too), this is easier to help improve it. Still, providing it off-line is a good idea - although without the XML stuff, and perhaps simplifying the HTTrack hierarchy of folders, archive would have been lighter and easier to use.

More on Seagull as I read the doc. and start experimenting. (2005/07/23)