I'm Jacob Hanson. I'm a software engineer situated near the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

I'm currently developing a very large commercial site and various other projects using Seagull. I chose to work with Seagull after evaluating a number of platforms and frameworks. I was taken by its stated goals that emphasized performance, simplicity, and productivity. No other framework claimed a similar direction, and since performance and overhead were major concerns, it was a fairly easy decision. I also liked that Seagull incorporated a number of PEAR modules, rather than going its own route.

I've been developing in PHP for four years, although my speciality is in 'Rich Internet Application' development.

I like rainy days, romantic movies, and walks on the beach. No, not really. =D

hello(at)jacobhanson.com www.jacobhanson.com www.alphamotion.com