Gerry Lachac is one of the partners of an embedded device consulting firm, Tethermedia ( )

Besides the variety of embedded, wireless, and network technologies developed by Tethermedia, Gerry was a System Architect and the lead Developer responsible for developing the large scale Solaris based messaging middleware system at He was the System Engineer responsible for the IP telephony product line at Dialogic Corp. He has contributed to Linux open source development. Gerry has more than 15 years of experience in device driver development in a variety of OS's including Linux, Solaris, OS/2 and Windows NT.

Gerry came across Seagull while looking for a PHP-MVC framework for a client project involving thin web clients. Seagull has the right blend of speed, design, and philosophy. Additionally, the Seagull opensource license allow for contributions back to the main framework while allowing the option for developed module code to remain proprietary, which might offer some clients a competitive advantage.