I'm a 3rd year software engineering student at the the University of Sheffield in the UK.

Over the next year (July 2005 - May 2006) I'll be working on my dissertation, which involves the creation of an Application Form Generation and Tracking system for local government use.

I'm hoping to produce some software (hopefully using the Seagull framework), that will automatically generate web based application forms (when given some information such as fields, any fees payable etc.) in PHP, and their associated database schema (which should be automatically added to a !MySQL database).

From this, I aim to produce a PHP or Java based piece of software that allows the code generation of Seagull modules, form templates and database schema.

As a personal side project (and to help me get used to the Seagull framework), I'm also working on an e-commerce system using the Seagull framework. This will probably be my main focus from June until September 2005.