Typical Problems

I inherit from RegisterMgr class to make my own register form. It worked well on 0.55 but now in 0.6 I get: Warning: md5() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /lib/SGL/DB.php on line 190.



line in _cmd_insert method

Check the new RegisterMgr class to see the changes

Setting custom default module I get Fatal error: Call to a member function validate()

When setting the default manager in the configuration, you must use the short name of the manager. For example:

  • FaqMgr = faq
  • DefaultMgr = default

Note: short names should be lower cased

All the blocks on my site have disappeared!

Make sure the blocksEnables setting in your <domain>.conf.php is set to 1. E.g.:


I'm getting FATAL pass by reference errors

Are you using PHP 5.0.5? This is a known buggy version, please upgrade (or downgrade).

I changed my site from PHP 4.x to PHP 5.x (or vice versa) and now I get an error with db_dataobject entities

You have to regenerate the db_dataobjects specifically for the PHP version. This can be invoked with the following request:


You will need to disable the authentication key first to be able to do this, in seagull/var/<server>.conf.php:

$conf['debug']['authenticationEnabled'] = '0';

I have accidently set config values that stop my site from running

This can happen quite easily, best approach is to reset to a default config. To do this, request 'setup.php' instead of the default index.php. You will be prompted for a password. If you don't remember what you set, simply delete the file 'INSTALL_COMPLETE.php' from the seagull/var directory. During the setup, select 'use existing database' and 'preserve your existing data' to preserve your existing data.

I get the message "The specified method, list does not exist"

Check the specified module's conf.ini file located in modules/<modulename>/conf.ini and ensure that each manager in the module/classes directory is listed

You must also ensure that you have setup your method in your manager's action mapping

If you are unfamiliar with action mappings please read here Tutorials/WorkingWithActions

I get the message "No input file specified"

This means you're runing PHP as a CGI instead of the recommend apache module configuration, mod_php. You can get around some of the limitations of this mode by updating your Seagull config file. Locate seagull/var/<servername>.conf.php and find the line:

$conf['site']['frontScriptName'] = 'index.php';

and change it to

$conf['site']['frontScriptName'] = 'index.php?';

I get the error message 'Use of undefined constant ""FUNCTION"" - assumed '""FUNCTION""

This means you are using a version of PHP older than 4.3.0, Seagull will run fine in this case however you may want to disable error reporting to screen, this is done by going into /etc/<servername>.default.conf.ini and setting the production key to 'true':

production = true

Args to Flexy methods must NOT be separated by spaces before or after the commas

Incidentally, my problem was compounded by an HTML_Template_Flexy fatal error in the HTML (unexpected character 0x20). I had placed a space between parameters in the generateSelect() parameter list (for readability). Although I might complain about Flexy's pickiness, I can't complain about the specificity of the error detection - it was specific to the character and the cause.

My pages seem to be rendering slowly

The first time you request a page its template gets compiled, similar to JSP, the subsequent request will be a lot faster. Additionally you can enable caching which speeds up pages significantly: logon as admin, go to 'Configuration', and set 'Caching enabled' to yes.

MS IExplorer cannot download PDF files

A well known bug in MS IExplorer could create problems when downloading PDF files, especially if the files are dynamically created. Using this code:

$dl = &new SGL_Download();
$dl->setContentDisposition(HTTP_DOWNLOAD_INLINE, 'myfile.pdf');
$error = $dl->send();

IExplorer could give you an error after opening the Acrobat Reader Plugin.

A good solution is to change the ContentDisposition parameter to HTTP_DOWNLOAD_ATTACHMENT instead: IExplorer will open a new window and will ask you to choose from 'open' or 'save' the file.

Choosing 'open' the PDF will be downloaded and presented without problem.

I can not login with Safari or Internet Explorer (IE)

Safari and IE seem to ignore Cookies from domain names with underscores. So if you cannot login into Seagull using these browsers and your domain is something like


try to remove the underscore(s):