= Known Issues = [[TOC]] == Javascript related == === Conflicts between libraries === Tiny MCE will not work with Script.aculo.us in the same browser page – if you load scriptaculous first as [http://wiki.script.aculo.us/scriptaculous/show/tinymce reported here]. So when you add your js files in managers such as : {{{ $input->javascriptSrc = array( 'js/scriptaculous/lib/prototype.js', 'js/scriptaculous/src/scriptaculous.js?load=effects,dragdrop', 'js/anotherFile.js', }}} take care about the order. == Library related == === Missing fields when I insert users === '''Note: This was fixed in 0.6.0RC2''' This is a known problem when using DB_DataObject and MySQL 5. The author has been contacted, in the meanwhile Michał Samujło gives an explanation: {{{ I've installed mysql4 and everything was fine so mysql 5 causes this problem. As I said eariler DB_DataObjects::setFrom ignores table keys. Keys are defined in db schema (var/cache/entities/seagull.ini) file, which is generated by Generator.php. Generator uses deprecated mysql_list_fields to describe table and this is real problem. mysql4: [table] => usr [name] => username [type] => string [len] => 64 [flags] => multiple_key mysql5: [table] => usr [name] => username [type] => string [len] => 64 [flags] => unique_key }}} {{{ You can work around the problem by deleting all keys in seagull.ini where key = U, in other words, delete all keys in "usr__keys" except usr_id, so it looks like that: [usr__keys] usr_id = K }}} == Seagull related == === Problems with 0.4.3 === * cookieless browsing and Pager queries don't work together, ie, when you have a paged resultset with the querystring foo/bar/?pageID=3 * if you're using Postgres, don't install the 'pear-installable' distro, the Generator file from current DB_DataObject will incorrectly create entities which will render the app useless. Install the tarball 'whole package' * cookieless browsing broken * preview document not sending headers incorrectly (try 3 times in a row) == PHP related == === I cannot list blocks - PHP 5.0.5 === This problem, reported here #854, is a result of a bug in PHP 5.0.5, please upgrade, preferably to at least PHP 5.1.2 === PHP 4.3.3 RC3 === I installed seagull to few developer computers in company and it behaved very strangely when you were logged in as administrator. e.g. - If you wanted to add new item to menu it showed same add page but populated with data I entred. instead writing data to database and showing menu structure. - if I wanted to change default theme it didn't save it just showed same page with non changed data, .... And there was no error reported on screen or in log file. After 5hrs of debugging seagull I found out that the problem was NOT in seagull but those developers were using PHP 4.3.3 RC3. Installing version 4.3.8 solved the problem. === Installation fails when safe_mode=on === Installation will not finish in some cases / shared hosting enviroments when php's save_mode is on. (SGL 0.4.0pre1) === Installation fails with PHP 5.0.3 / !PostgreSQL === i'm trying to install Seagull : OS:Windows + Apache 2 + PHP 5 + Postgresql 8 RC3 After typing value in Config Wizard and validate, i have : Status: Database initialisation complete! but at the end of the page i have : {{{ [db_error: message="DB Error: insufficient data supplied" code=-20 mode=callback callback=pearErrorHandler prefix="" info="SELECT c.relname as "Name" FROM pg_class c, pg_user u WHERE c.relowner = u.usesysid AND c.relkind = 'r' AND not exists (select 1 from pg_views where viewname = c.relname) AND c.relname !~ '^(pg_|sql_)' UNION SELECT c.relname as "Name" FROM pg_class c WHERE c.relkind = 'r' AND not exists (select 1 from pg_views where viewname = c.relname) AND not exists (select 1 from pg_user where usesysid = c.relowner) AND c.relname !~ '^pg_'"] }}} '''Answer:''' The problem is due to a bug in PHP 5.03 where doing isset($myString->someprop) returns true (bad!). The bug is logged in PHP's bug database. I worked around the problem by adding another condition to line 723 of the Pear DB Postgresql driver (pgsql.php). Change: if (isset($result->result] { To: if (isset($result->result) && $result->result != null) { Do this, then delete everything in your SGL var/ directory and re-run setup. More Information on : http://pear.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=2988