XHTML Compliance with Tidy

While cleaning up the pages to conform to XHTML standards, I thought it'd be easier to use the tidy extension from PECL. The following code could prove useful for anyone wanting to clean up their Flexy templates:

    //  tidy.php
    //  commandline usage:  php tidy.php myFlexyTemplate.html
    $file = $_SERVER['argv'][1];
    tidy_setopt('wrap', 0);
    tidy_setopt('indent', 2);
    tidy_setopt('indent-spaces', 4);
    tidy_setopt('output-xhtml', true);
    tidy_setopt('show-body-only', true);
    tidy_setopt('new-empty-tags', 'flexy:include');
    $html = tidy_parse_file($file);
    $res = tidy_get_output();
    echo $res;
    //  rename original file
    $oldName = $file;
    $newName = $file. '.orig';
    copy($oldName, $newName);
    file_put_contents("./$oldName", $res);
    function file_put_contents($location, $whattowrite) 
       if (file_exists($location] {
       $fileHandler = fopen ($location, "w");
       fwrite ($fileHandler, $whattowrite);
       fclose ($fileHandler);