How to use PhpEclipse and Subeclipse with Seagull

There are two ways:

  • download EasyEclipse for Php (Eclipse distribution with Php plugin already installed)
  • install plugin manually

About EasyEclipse

About manual install:

1) Download and Install PHPEclipse

  • If you want to work with xampp (good package Apache+Php+MySql):

2) Install Subeclipse (Eclipse plugin that adds Subversion integration to the Eclipse IDE)


3) Import seagull from svn

  • Launch Eclipse.
  • Select "Window -> Open Perspective -> Other... -> Svn Repository Exploring".
  • Under "Svn Repository" right-click and select "New -> Repository Location".
  • In "Url" insert
  • Click "Finish"
  • Right-click in the url of repository or one of its subdirectories and choose "Check Out as Project".

4) PHPEclipse

  • In eclipse: "Window -> Open Perspective -> Other... -> PHP"
  • On "Navigator window" you see your project.
  • For list of svn task right-click and select Team

Ulterior information about PHPEclipse and Subeclipse choose under eclipse "Help -> Help Contents" and on left side there are "Subclipse - Subversion Eclipse Plugin" and "PHPEclipse Help" .

5) For project without svn:

  • Select "File -> New -> Project -> PHP -> PHP Project"
  • Type project name (i.e. seagull) and "Finish"
  • Under "Navigator" right-click on project name and select "Import -> File System" and choose directory where you have Seagull file and select file that you want to import.