Removing Unwanted Language Files

I made a little cleanup script that deletes some files so i don't have to upload that much on my webserver:

  • CVS directories
  • unwanted lang files (in my case i only need the files for english and german language)
function removeLang () {
echo "- "$i;
for i in "$1"/*php;
    case "$i" in
# add your wanted languages here...
      *"german-iso-8859-1.php"   ) ;;
      *"english-iso-8859-15.php" ) ;;
      *"www"* ) ;;
      * ) rm $i;;
echo "Removing CVS Directories:";
find -name CVS -type d -exec rm -rf {} ";" 2> /dev/null
echo "Removing unwanted languages:";
for i in $( find * -name lang -type d; )
    removeLang $i;
echo "Done. Good Luck";

simple find command for bash

I found a find one-liner to remove all lang files (exept german and english).

Try without "-exec" command and test if it only finds files you want to delete first.

Use on your own risk out of the modules dir.

find .  -path './*/lang/*' -not -regex '.*\(german\|english\).*' -exec rm {} \;