[this event already happened but let's keep this in case it helps us organise other events]

Seagull Day 2005

feel free to add comments. use ""::@::"" to add your name and date automatically WernerKrauss /20.01.2005 00:54/


This meeting should be the first time more than 4 SGL developers meet at one place. It will not be that big conference, more a family-like meeting. Dunno if everyone needs a hotel or if we even can live in a holiday appartment cooking for each other WernerKrauss /29.06.2005 20:59/


  • Padova, Italy
    • airport(s): Venice (40km), ryan air flyes to Venice (Treviso). Both about 1h by car
    • pro: lot's of SGL developers around there
    • con: traveling to padova maybe not easy from far away. Good flights available?
  • London, UK
    • pro: cheap flights with ryan air from whole europe
    • con: maybe expensive town?

the problem with "far away" is always. i think we can manage a day for european sgl developers and those from all over the world who can/want to fly to italy / europe. dunno if romania or poland is too far away.

I guess New Mexico is not the right location - sorry.


Thu, 06 - Sun 09th of October 2005

What to do?

Exept drinking beer and celebrating pizzas:

  • get to know each others
  • some days of intensive SGL developing, solving some "big issues" together
  • dig into the internals of SGL
  • maybe some talks about php / security / framwork relevant themes
  • make SGL homepage

What we need

  • Place to sleep (Hotel, B&B, private rooms ?) See: http://www.bed-and-breakfast-italien.com/bed_and_breakfast_padova.cfm
  • Internet Connection: maybe we can use some given structure of a company/LUG/university
  • LAN / WLAN
  • good ideas and good vibes
  • sponsors?
  • shuttle service from airport / train station (?]

User list

RaresBenea /20.01.2005 00:53/ I vote for October Can't come DemianTurner /22.01.2005 12:28/ Great work putting this together Werner, am definitely up for it if we can get some decent numbers, my preference would be also for October Registrated WernerKrauss /22.01.2005 12:47/ yeah, october is cool. then the libra fraction can also make birthday-parties! and oct is "after season" for the bands i play with... Registrated AjTarachanowicz 23.01.2005 03:10/ I vote for October as well. Can't come EmmanuelBrendel /26.04.2005 18:56/ Strong motivation for beer and pizzas! ;p seriously we have adopted Sgl and plain to imply more and more.. Can't come, sorry

The Hotel

More exactly is a "farm holiday"/"agritourism". Is a cheap one, only 30 EUR by night for a single, 50 EUR for a double room without breakfast, but is a very relaxing place.

The rooms are small but confortable, we can hire single room or double room. Every room has TV, don't know if you can see SAT-TV, and bathroom inside. Some rooms have a kitchen inside so we can cook whatever we like but we must reserve the rooms ASAP.

For breakfast we can ask for a little one to the hotel for 2 EUR but don't expect a real breakfast like Sud-Tirol or Austrian do.

We should have an ADSL connection but actually they have some problems with their ISP: sometimes they are disconnected. Hope they solve this problem for 6 october.

There is a big room for meeting, with billiard, ping-pong table, soccer table and small park for outdoor relaxing and maybe even a coffee machine for extreme programming sessions.

They doesn't have a web site. I've asked some information to Saint Google and I've found:

http://www.italy-farmholidays.com/scheda.php?id=850 http://www.agriturismoinitalia.info/agriturismo/scheda_struttura.php?_sp=1&uid=1377&lang=eng

By car, you can exit from motorway A4 at Padova-Ovest (Padova-West) exit. This hotel is just 1Km at north. By plane, please tell me when and where you land, best airports are Treviso and Venezia. If several of you choose a single "time slice" to land I can make a single tour with my car to bring you to Padova.


Please, add here your name, which transport (plane, car, train, ...), which airport you land and when you will be in Italy.

  • /PierpaoloToniolo, car, from 6 to 9 october, don't sleep at the hotel but I'll be there all days
  • /DemianTurner, plane, Treviso airport, 6th to 9th, single room
  • /RadekMaciaszek, plane, Treviso airport, 6th to 9th, single room
  • /WernerKrauss, car, 6th to 9th, double room possible
  • /FasonteCeragalli, from 6 to 9 october, don't sleep at the hotel but I'll hope to be there all days :-)
  • /MihaVrhovnik, car, 7th to 9th, single room
  • Borut Mehle, car, 7th to 9th, single room
  • Renato Rjavec, car, 7th to 9th, single room (room reserved)


Please add what you want to do/see during the meeting:

  • A tour to Venice, just 30Km from Padova: almost an entire day should be dedicated to this. (I'd preffer sunday for this so after the tour I can leave for home. Miha)


The following items will be discussed at the meeting, please feel free to add items you're interested in:

  • modifying wacko to export to PDF for creation of a SGL manual
  • alternatives for text-input, ie Wikiwyg
  • set up some guidelines for future possible bug squashing party
  • project licensing ins and outs
  • create something for seagull registrants to do once they login :-)
  • discussion of relevance of Tags in seagull, ie, social networking apps, del.icio.us, web 2.0 etc http://particletree.com/notebook/tagging-roundup/
  • look at Unit testing with SimpleTestRunner? and debugging
  • discuss use of MDB2_Schema for managing db schemas


  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/demianturner/sets/1117320/