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SDN Trac Hosting

If you want your procets hosted by the Seagull Developer Network please contact Demian Turner or AJ Tarachanowicz. They'll setup your account and you can go on using Trac (SVN, Wiki, Tickets etc...) for your projects.

[note on pricing]

Trac Admin

After your trac account is setup you should login and go to the admin panel. Go to Permissions and delete all anonymous permissions if you want everyone to view your data.

In the Admin Section you can do (surprise!) the administration of the current project.

[note: global admin per user possible or only per project?]

Adding new user

You can add new users on a per project basis

[question: how to add globally?]

  • Logout
  • You should see the link Register. If not you have to enable registration. To do so
  • Give in your new user and password
  • You automatically login as the new user (see below)

Newly added users have all perms of the authenticated group. This is a known security issue and will be fixed in a future release of Trac. We recommend to disable registration after all users are registered. If you want to register a user later just enable it again temporarly.

Of course you have to add some permissions to the authenticated group. Go to General -> Permission on your admin screen. You see a block on the right called Grant Permission. There you can add a permission from the select box to the Subject authenticated. If you need the perms explained better please consult the built in Trac Help by clicking Help/Guide in Trac menu and go to TracPermissions


You can setup different reprositories for your different projects. Well, at the moment you cannot but the admins. So just ask AJ or Demian to add a new project for you.

You can view the list of your projects by accessing http://sdn.seagullsystems.com/trac/<yourName>/


[how to access svn server from your IDE / editor / svn command line program]