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First, I will introduce you my current work because I want to merge some of its code & concept to a new Seagull Module : a kind of module builder for "business data model". More other, to have a good view of this project, you should try the demo, analyse the xml description file and maybe take a look at the database.

What is COCMS Framework/CMS ?

Who is Com-Ocean, Who is am I ?

Com-Océan is a little communication agency (7 people) located in South of France (near Avignon in Provence). Main activity is not web but edition, wine packaging, company identity... I'm Sylvain PAPET, I'm web developper & I manage Internet activity with my boss (all other people in the agency are infographist or manager).

Short Presentation

Com-OceanCMS is a kind of little CMF (Content Management Framework), this project is not open-source because, it is design uniquely for use and hosting server of Com-Ocean.
I use it on about 1 websites designed by com-ocean.
The main purpose is to build a user friendly "business" backend in few time.
It is very flexible but have few features.


A demo is here
login and password : seagull
SQL & XML file
The database (phpMyAdmin)
I you want, I can send you the source.

You will access to a backend which permit to manage news (organisez by themes) and product (organised in a catalog).
You should view backend features and view the xml description file which build automaticaly this backend (some file configuration and file copy are required too, there's no installer).

COCMS to Seagull RAD Module

Why I want to work on Seagull and merge my work with it ?

To continue my work on COCMS, I had to redesign it because code is becoming a mess.
Then my project was to start developping a new release : a framework based on MVC & PEAR (I started but this is stopped)...
But it's silly and to heavy to developp it alone... then I study and test some framework/cms (mambo, copix, prado, typo3, spip, etc.)
Seagull is the best way for me to continue my project by developping a new module which respond to my needs (a flexible framework cms with RAD features).

Technicaly what can be interessant in this FW/CMS that could be used in Seagull Module ?

This FW/CMS is mainely based on PEAR::DB_Dataobject && PEAR::HTML_Quickform, it work only with PHP5.
It use XML description file (a little like Java EJB)
The main file is the DB_DataObject_Extension class which inherit from DB_DataObject class.
Generated classes of DB_DataObject Generator are not extended DB_DataObject but DB_DataObject_Extension class.
Then all dataobject class (which manage business method) can integrate new features :
* xml description file/string reader
* quickform object generator
* listing array (homemade) generator
* extra methods
DB_DataObject_Extension used DB_DataObject_Extension_Field subclasses which map field to quickform_element object by loading xml field description.
To enhance the edit form, I build my own HTML_Quickform_Element : Color picker, RichTextarea? (based on FCK), AvancedSelect?

RAD Module Builder Project

Short Presentation

A new module which permit to generate business module.
Module (manager class) can be a kind of "dynamic manager" which used xml description file (can also being managed/generated by a configuration page) in action method.
example :
Dynamic Manager -> read -> XML+Dataobject classes -> generate -> Quickform+Datagrid object -> used by -> "dynamic" Template
Dynamic Manager Configurator -> analyse -> Dataobject classes + Database tables -> generate -> configuration forms -> write -> xml description files
All of These have to be defined here...

Approximativ Roadmap

* Jan-May 2006 : Study SGL, evolution of the releases
* Jan-Mar 2006 : Design 3/4 dynamic websites with it / speak about this project with SGL community / improve my developping method (MVC) by using SGL
* Mar-May 2006 : Starting design & conception of the module
* May-Jul 2006 : Starting developpement

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