Newsletter improvement

I want to include this functionality to the Newsletter module

  • subscribe/unsubscribe possibility for anybody (a separate DB only containing name, e-mail)
  • support multiple newsletter lists (Ex. subscribe to: general, developer etc..)
  • email confirmation for subscribe/unsubscribe
  • e-mail list administration for admin
  • list e-mails from a list separated with ; so you can copy/paste them in your e-mail client
  • archive for newsletters
  • html/text-only newsletter possible WernerKrauss /08.02.2005 14:32/
  • archive maybe linked to publisher RaresBenea /08.02.2005 14:42/
    • send articles of a category weekly to subscribers, maybe just "preview" text or first 30 words...

send mails via php-cli

  • This is important for sending very high numbers of mails and avoid apaches 30 second limitation for php scripts.
  • To do this, the text for the newsletter must be saved somewhere (var/tmp/newsletter/newsletter_id ?)
  • A db-table with all mail adresses (subscriber-ids), newsletter_id and status (to_send, sent) to retrieve information what mails are still to send.