RFC for Guestbook Module

  • add edit/delete/hide functionality. use AJ's new item stuff for that?
  • how about guestbook spam? -> ip logging etc.
  • http://www.jtr.de/scripting/php/ JAX-GB has a nice smiley functionality. online demo available here: http://www.jtr.de/scripting/php/guestbook/index.html
  • send email to gb-admin when new entry
  • JAX-GB (see above) has a "quicklink" functionality: in the admin-emails have a link to the admin-section of the gb. this needs "redirect after login" functionality in SGL
  • option to show emailadresses like me AT foobar DOT com
    • this could to to output class ? WernerKrauss /08.02.2005 21:42/
  • add pager
  • max size of comment? there are nice js functions that show the remaining characters.
  • every user should have the ability to have it's own guestbook
    • so guestbook_id = user_id, if guestbook_id = 0 the main guestbook
  • does a "sort by language" make sense? WernerKrauss /08.02.2005 21:42/
  • add a "captcha" pic for spam prevention WernerKrauss /11.02.2005 19:12/

It would be great to have:

  • in the e-mail sent to gb-admin to have 2 links: 'accept entry' and 'deny entry' so you can quick admin
  • set a default policy: the message is displayed immediately or only after the admin accepted it
  • add category for messages so you can group them
  • maybe think the module as a general 'Comments' module so you can insert comments to any page in SGL RaresBenea /08.02.2005 14:42/