RFC for FAQ Module

copied from: #41

note: delete this rfe after implementing this ;)

Following functions for FAQ-Module would be great:

  • make "subareas" or categories via nestedSet

so i can order the faqs like:

1. seagull faq
1.1 why seagull
1.2 why pear
1.3 modules
1.3.1 why faq
1.3.2 how can i add this?
2: foobar
2.1: foo
2.2: bar

etc ;)

  • maybe a "disable"/"enable" per entrie is useful if i want some questions temporary not to show but i don't want to delete them.

  • use the css pseudo attribute "target" for linking to the answers. works not in every browser yet, but i think it's nice for where it works and not that important that it really must work everywhere.

see: http://www.htmldog.com/articles/suckerfish/target/ good example: http://www.htmldog.com/ptg/archives/000051.php#comment1

just some ideas, maybe something useful ;)