= RFC for Contact Us module = [[TOC]] == Mindaugas suggestions == ~~I don't know if it fits for Seagull in general, but for my installation I have changed line in !ContactUsMgr::sendEmail() from:[[BR]] 'fromEmail' => $oContact->email,[[BR]] to:[[BR]] 'fromEmail' => "\"{$contacterName}\" <{$oContact->email}>",[[BR]] to see user name instead of email.~~ Some more things regarding 'contact us' emails: * There is no support for text-only 'contact us' emails. I hate html emails :-):-) Could be some option in configuration. * Hardcoded 'headerTemplate' and 'footerTemplate' variables should be moved from SGL_Emailer class to template(s) to make emails more customizable. * Even email title from !ContactUsMgr class could moved to template or at least changed from: 'subject' => SGL_String::translate('Contact Enquiry from') .' '. $conf['site']['name'], to: 'subject' => sprintf(SGL_String::translate('contact us mail title'), $conf['site']['name']), and using unique mail title label not used anywhere else (at the moment 'Contact Enquiry from' label is used in email body template). == Werners suggestions == ~~I need to map an email adress to an enquiry type. Also i'd like to move enqiry types out of lang-file into ini file.[[BR]] so my suggestion for ini enqiry syntax is file is:~~ {{{ [EnquiryEN] enquiry1 = General Enquiry enquiry2 = Special Enquiry enquiry3 = Anything [EnquiryDE] enquiry1 = Allgemeine Anfrage enquiry2 = Spezielle Anfrage enquiry3 = Irgendwas }}} ~~Now you can add email adresses or user-ids per enquiry or per enquiry and language:~~ {{{ [EmailDefault] default = default@bar.com enquiry1 = foo@bar.com }}} So far coded in #448 Next step would be "Email Adress per enquiry type and language": {{{ [EmailEN] default = "foo@bar.com"; enquiry3 = user:1; // use email adress of user_id 1 }}} * If no email adress for a language is set, the default email will be used * If no email adress for a enquiry is used the default email for this language will be used. This should enable a simple but fine grained system.