Generic Booking Module

This RFC is about a generic booking module that can be extended to fit your specific needs (e.g. booking of concerts, hotels, services...)

What do we need

we need a front-office (where customers can book) and a backoffice (for managing things to book)

front office

  • form for booking
  • listing if subject is free

back office

  • managing subjects
  • managing customers
  • managing bookings / contracts

possible bookflow

  • A customer fills out a form to do the booking (maybe a calendar shows availibility)
    • either online payment and subject is booked
    • either additional offer by seller, acceptance by buyer, ok by seller, subject is booked

bookable object

There are different kinds of bookable objects:

  • e.g. concerts/travels: one date, can be booked by N persons (e.g. 100 tickts for the concert on 1/1/2006).
    • one concert (band foo in city hall) can be on more than one date
  • e.g. hotel room: Can be booked by 1-N Persons, isn't available when one Person has booked the room. Is bookable on every day the hotel is open, bookable per night.
  • e.g. service: can be booked per hour (or any other minimal unit) every day/workday from 9am until 5pm

db structure

We need tables for

  • user 1:n objects relationship: (which object can be administrated by which user)
  • objects: (data for objects, like hotel, flat, restaurant.)
  • subobjects: (e.g. room of a hotel)
  • contracts: (which customer has booked which object)
  • booking: which object is booked from-to
  • price / availiblility: room (hotel foo, single room (or room #23) is available from-to for price $$)

needed methods

We need methods for:

  • customer can book something
  • admin can manage bookings
  • show new bookings
  • show all bookings (history)
  • list customers
  • add / edit / delete booking -> add / edit / delete contract
  • manage objects and subobjects
  • add / edit / delete objects
  • add avalibility / price
  • manage last minute discounts
  • statistically functions (useful to have)


Frontend for customers:

  • listAll
    • lists all items, either from all vendors or all items of one vendor
    • sortable: categories, location etc...
  • showForm
  • send


-> can this be made by OrgMgr in user module?

  • list
  • add / edit / delete


for managing the properties / objects of vendors

  • list
  • add / edit / delete


guess what??

  • list
  • add / edit / delete
  • setDiscount


  • setStatus (available,pending, booked)
  • add/edit/delete
  • list


if contracts are needed to book something. in hotel booking this would be needed.