Testing the admin interface on various OS/browser configurations

The new admin GUI is in the process of being released. I would like it to be tested on a maximum of different OS/Browsers.

Could you please enable adminGui in <server-name>.config.php and give me a feedback on your environnement. I'm gonna put screenshots of the expected layout of various admin tasks pages for you to compare with the render you have on your machine.

Global feedback

  • What do you think of global look and feel of adminGUI v1 ?
  • Do you have display bugs to report ?
  • What improvements would you suggest from an ergonomics point of view ?

Displaying bugs

This is the place. Please put your comments in the appropriated OS/browser field (please indicate exact version of Browser):

Browser / OS Linux Windows Mac
Firefox optionLink-is-evil.jpg
IE rm: Ie 6.0/Wine: in edit footer not at the bottom
Opera rm: 8.52: default/module: highlighting not 100% height when hover; in edit footer is not at the bottom

rm humble opinion:

  • the configuration should be the action done when clicking on modules list instead of edit;there should be an "edit" button before disable;
  • again in the modules list title and module name seems redundant, we can remove module name and instead place here a short description without requiring to hover each entry seeking for the tooltip; DONE
  • i'd like to give a try to manager-actions be below content;
  • We can reduce the numbers of colours, there are up to 5 different backgrounds for a content. I really don't care about the colors, what i mean is that manager-infos and .block .header have the same background color which is darker than .container and .content, then that manager-actions, the pager and the content have the same background color. See attached patch as example; UPDATED
  • the header is horrible :P "Seagull Application Framework" should be real text and not an img
  • the module form is very nice, congrats for the good work!;
  • i think that the gecko / MSIE user agent check should be more precise with respect to IE 7.0, see http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2006/02/03/524256.aspx
  • div naming, i think that using generic names is better. Instead of reference each div with its name block-container, block-header, block-content, block-footer use block (instead of block-container) and then reference each div by its parent like block header, block content, block footer. This is a cleanup that we've introduced in trunk times ago and we have discussed a bit about it; DONE
  • pager should be moved out of the table.
  • BUG, reported by the w3c checker against {foobar}/index.php/default/module/: DONE Line 223 column 5: end tag for element "div" which is not open.
  • BUG: no gallery pic, See attached pictures. DONE
  • BUG: optionsLinks is broken when there too much entries.