New default theme

I made some changes to "classic" theme, which will be replacing default theme as soon as SGL 0.6 is released.

This page is mainly intended to show you some screenshots. Let's exchange our opinions on Mailing List.

Here are some variations, I'd like your feedback on them. Please give constructive comments ;)

Current design

Current design I wanted to improve is the one you can see at

My main concern was I find color scheme too cold. Also, there are too many block areas with grey borders nested.

Ways of improvement

I made some little changes to color scheme, adding some red to heat them, and reducing saturation to have more pastel tones.

Here was the first draft :

What about blocks? Here is a variation keeping the light design for blocks.

Other screenshots :

The contactus form, with some space between header and main navigation, which give some place for breadcrumbs and language selector for example.