Seagull CMS Module

Table of Contents

  1. Overview


The current content management code available in the Publisher module is quite outdated and in need of replacement. The new CMS module aims to address the following areas:

  • Creation, storage and retrieval of arbitrarily typed content
  • Management of pre-existing file-based content
  • Transformation - the ability to export one content format into another
  • Clean and intuitive API
  • Versioning - a new version of any content can be created, while previous ones remain available
  • Multi-language - each version may exist in several languages
  • Workflow management - several publication processes can be defined, then a specific process assigned to a content type at creation time
  • Authorisation - read/write access to content can be contrained by role and section, and by content type
  • Taxonomy - content can be grouped into sets defined by tags, search terms, sections, content types and ownership