The Seagull [Variable] Namespace

After reading the DebuggingIdeas? page, one of my first questions was: Is the core namespace published in some form other than dumping vars? Never received an answer so I've put together some simple pages that detail the core namespace.

You should realize the namespace changes somewhat depending on which manager is being called, whether you are logged in, have admin rights, etc. The lists contain the core SGL namespace. These are complete HTML files that include embedded javascript and CSS. You can collapse a heading by clicking on it. While not comprehensive, I hope these lists prove helpful to you in your use of Seagull.

Here's what the colors mean:






Database results (none yet...maybe someday)


XML (none yet...maybe someday)

Thar she blows

SGL Globals


SGL Constants


SGL Session


SGL Registry


SGL Request


SGL Output


How these were Produced

You can find dBug here: