User Module Features


  • Easy to use admin interface
  • GUI internationalised, including error messages, 23 languages supplied by default
  • Basic CSV user import functionality
  • Support for table prefixes in the db
  • Easy browsing for huge user sets, ie tens of thousands

Roles and permissions

  • Ability to create unlimited roles comprised of unlimited permission sets
  • Roles can be duplicated to ease creation of new permission sets
  • User perms can be different from a Role's perms, and can also be re-synched at a later date
  • When adding new modules, permissions can automatically be detected and added to the system
  • Orphan perms can be removed when modules are removed


  • Registration can easily be enabled and disabled
  • Template supplied with a generic set of attributes and field validations, easy to customise to your project's needs
  • Accounts can be set to auto-enable, or auto-login
  • Notifications sent when account status changes, also sent to admin and user when registration is completed


  • Logins can optionally be recorded and details browsed on a per-user basis
  • Login object accepts listeners that can easily be linked to respond to custom events
  • Listeners can be setup to emulate single sign on to multiple PHP apps (forums, wikis), or to register statistical information
  • Custom redirects after login are easy to setup


  • Generic 'my account' template supplied, easy to customise
  • Passwords can be reset by users themselves, and by admins
  • Security questions stored for safe password retrieval
  • Accounts can be disabled by admins


  • Various security precautions in place to defend against session highjacking and bot attacks
  • Nuisance users can be blocked by IP without having to setup firewall or Apache rules
  • Session timeouts are customisable, and on re-login, correct browsing sequence reinstated


  • Sometimes referred to as 'settings' or just 'personalisation'
  • Each user can be assigned unlimited preferences, easily customisable
  • Advanced user search feature
  • Possibility to search against most user attributes, included range of registration dates and user statuses


  • Users can optionally be grouped into organisations that can be hierarchically nested
  • Each organisation can have default preferences and theme, which can be inherited by all users created in that organisation
  • Organisations hierarchies can be reordered
  • Organisation types can be created

Coming soon

  • Integration of LiveUser library, can be installed as an optional plugin
  • Support for multiple authentication backends, ie LDAP, Active Directory, Yahoo, Google, etc
  • Support for multiple user persistence backends
  • Support for custom Object Relational Mappers
  • User customisations will be easier to maintain through upgrades