Random Message Module

Allows you to create a list of messages and display them randomly (fortune).

User Section

  • A block shows a random message

Random Message Manager

You reach the Random Message Manager via 'Manage Modules -> Random messages'. It allows you to:

  • add new messages/quotes using the text input field (multiple messages separated with a carriage return)
  • upload new messages/quotes using a plain textfile
  • remove messages/quotes

Create your quotes before you activate a quote block''

Block Manager

You can create a block (using the Block Manager) with a random message using RndMsgBlock? in the name field of the block.

(Another way to use the random quotes is to add a custom function (just copy the functionality from the random-message-block) which you use in your templates.)

Note: Unless there is at least one quote in the database, you currently get some nasty-looking PHP errors when you try creating a RndMsgBlock? block.