Newsletter module - V2

The newsletter module is used to send text and HTML formatted emails to subscribed and registered users.

Tested on 28-Feb-2005 CVS version but it should be compatible with older versions too. It updates the NewsletterMgr.php 1.20v file.

New Features:

- unregistered SGL users can subscribe too - multiple news lists to subscribe to - email confirmation with auth key available for actions (un/subscribe, update etc.) - subscribers administration (add/edit/delete) - news lists administration (add/edit/delete) - added possibility to change the ‘From:’ field of the newsletter - subscribe block available - removes duplicate emails when sending newsletter to users that are in more then one list / group


- send newsletter to registered SGL users - use HTMLArea as editor - address book


  • download the
  • please take a look at the /etc and /lib files that are modified. The ~/lib/SGL/Sql.php file contains the patch for the install bug (read ML : CVS SGL fresh install generate SQL error ) and /lib/SGL/util.php contains a patch so we can use Flexy for newsletter. Hope that somebody will create a Flexy_singleton()
  • apply over SGL code (should be compatible with already installed SGL).
  • if SGL already installed create SGL table from and rebuild entities, add the newsletter table to default.conf.ini file
  • add perms for Newsletter class so (guest, members etc.) can un/subscribe (by default no perms are set and only the admin can use the pages)

Other info:

  • insert the subscribe block if you want
  • the user un/subscribe page is /subscribe.php
  • if you delete a list, all the subscribers from that list are deleted too
  • there is an update undocumented action available. If set and valid email/key entered, the last_updated field in DB is updated. This is useful if you want to renew the subscriptions.

Please comment on this module at the RFC page. Also please notify any bugs found.