Table of Contents

  1. Navigation Module
  2. Themes
  3. Also See

This module is for navigation. It's driver based, so you can add any driver (e.g. PEAR::HTML_Menu based) for it. At the moment Seagull only comes with one default driver: SimpleDriver, but new ones are easy to create.


SimpleDriver, supports Themes. You can switch them by clicking at the modify nav bar appearance button at the top of the SectionMgr page. You can edit the themes on a per-role basis.

Currently the following themes are provided:

  • verticalSimple (not maintained)
  • cingular (not maintained)
  • SglDefault?_MultiLevel
  • SglDefault?_TwoLevel
  • SglListamaticSubtle
  • winXP (not maintained)

You can preview the new theme in a seperate box.

Also See

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