Maintenance Module

This module is for maintaining some framework related stuff. It contains:

Manage Translations

In this section you can manage the translation files for the SGL GUI.

It compares your language with the English language files, which should be the most up to date files. You can choose your Module and Language, and whether you want to:

  • validate: if your module translation is up to date or there are new or outdated words
  • edit: your modules translation
  • check all modules: same like validate but for all registered modules. You get to a overview screen where you can see the status of each module translation.

Please mention that you need proper write rights on the server to add/edit words to the language files.

Rebuild Data Objects

Here you can rebuild the DataObject classes for your DB tables. These are stored in var/cache/entities/

Rebuild DB Sequences

For rebuilding the sequence table

Manage Caches

Here you can clear the caches for

  • Templates
  • Navigation & Blocks

Create a module

This is a basic module skeleton creator. You can tell it the Module Name and Manager Name and whether it should create

  • add
  • insert
  • edit
  • update
  • delete
  • list

methods and templates or ini-files