Export Module

This module transform content/data into various formats, xml, PDF, RSS, etc



  • exports any CMS or Data Access Object content as a valid RSS2 feed
  • easy to configure

Minimum requirements

  • Seagull 0.6.2
  • CMS 1.1
  • PHP5

Exporting CMS content

  • to get the latest content of type FOO (content type ID = 5) add following line to modules/export/conf.ini
title = name
description = text
  • calling URL

Exporting DAO content - eg1

  • to get an RSS feed of all users added to the system add following line to modules/user/conf.ini
[/datasrc/dao/module/user/method/getUsers] ; you must create this method
title = first_name
description = usr_id, telephone, address_1, address_2
  • calling URL

Exporting DAO content - eg2

  • to get an RSS feed of the latest image media added to the system add following line to modules/media/conf.ini
[/datasrc/dao/module/media/method/getMediaByFileType/5] ; 5 is the image type
title = name
description = mime_type
createdBy = media_added_by
  • calling URL


  • you can have as many args to dynamic methods as you like, or none
  • args must be scalar
  • in the calling URL the convention is for key1/value1/key2/value2
  • in the config file the pattern only requires the value ie, value1/value2

Coming soon

  • ability to specify multiple fields for 'description' in config that will be merged for RSS output