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     1= Comment2 Module = 
     3 * requires >= Seagull 0.6.5 
     5== Overview == 
     6The comment2 module demonstrates an easy to to add commenting to any of your existing modules. 
     8It offers several improvements over the existing module, namely 
     9 * it's Ajax driven using jquery so no messy redirects are needed 
     10 * Ajax submits and lists are very fast, making commenting more interactive 
     12The module also includes a www folder with web resources, ie CSS, javascript and images, demonstrating how easy it is to build these into your modules 
     14== Usage == 
     15This module is provided to demonstrate how easy it is to use jquery with Seagull.  When the module is installed, you'll get a navigation element "comments" which invokes the example manager supplied with the module. 
     17The best way to follow the full Ajax workflow is, using the Zend debugger: 
     18 1. load the comments screen in Firefox 
     19 1. using the zend debug tool bar, select "next page" 
     20 1. write a new comment and hit submit 
     22This will start an interactive debug session where you can follow the workflow of the javascript calls. 
     24== Going Forward == 
     25The Ajax usage anticipates SGL_AjaxProvider2 that will be part of Seagull 0.9.x, the main features are: 
     26 * $input and $output objects are available to every action method 
     27 * jquery is used for the javascript library, which is quite a bit more succinct and powerful than prototype/scriptaculous 
     28 * there are improved hooks for cleaning up JSON sent back to the browser 
     29 * a raiseMsg() method has been added to SGL_AjaxProvider, making it much easier to send error/warning/info message back to the user