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Why CVS?

If you want to take advantage of the latest project developments, you can go to our (?CVS==Concurrent Versions System?) server and get the most recent version of the code.

please note: like any code from a (?CVS==Concurrent Versions System?) repository, this version may contain bugs, but most of the time it's fairly stable ...

If you want to submit patches or translations, please always use the latest (?CVS==Concurrent Versions System?) version:

cvs login

How to get the latest CVS version:

$ cvs login

password: seagull

$ cvs get seagull

if you don't want to type all the pserver stuff, export the variable CVSROOT like this

How to check which of your files changed compared with what's in CVS:

$ cvs -n -q update

How to return to the CVS version after applying a patch, ie, how to rollback a patch:

$ cvs up -d -P -C

How to create a tag

$ cvs -q tag release_0_4_0dev3

How to export a release

$ cvs -q export -r release_0_4_0dev3 seagull

How to update an existing copy

current directory $ cvs update

recursively, ie, for all directories $ cvs update -d

recursively, and removing (pruning) empty directories $ cvs update -d -P


$ $ export CVSROOT $ cvs login type the above password $ cvs get seagull

note: on my Linux it works as following: $ export

If you wondered how to keep your modified SGL up to date, have a look at /TipsAndTricks/UpdatingFromCVS

CVS Programs

  • Windows:
    • TortoiseCVS
  • Linux
    • type cvs in your console (see above)

Some editors and (?IDE= Integrated Development Environment?)s like Quanta (KDE) or eclipse (java, all platforms) have (?CVS =Concurrent Versions System?) support built in or available via plugin.