Developer Friendly

The Seagull framework aims to be developer-friendly, with this in mind the following features are available:

  • extensive feedback on what your code is doing through customisable debug levels
    • logging of debug messages to file, screen, database
    • windows developers are recommended to download MSYS, the Unix command-line emulator. With this tool you can easily tail the log files and pinpoint bugs
  • uses DB_Dataobject for generating application entities: the developer only has to define entity tables in database, DB_Dataobject does the rest
  • the framework is divided into entities, manager classes and templates plus the base libraries, mostly PEAR, so development tasks can easily be shared and progressed in parallel
  • All manager classes follow the Validate, Process, Display model so once you've developed one it's quick to recycle your work and build new modules. See some project diagrams for a visual summary of the framework workflow, or see the basic workflow? section