What's going on?

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This section is meant to summarise design issues that have come up in discussions on the mailing list, and what people are working on as a result of these discussions.

Task Developer Deadline Status
allow SGL_SQL to handle table prefixes User/DemianTurner 0.4.6 in progress
logo for seagull 0.5.x done
splitting off non-core modules for a slimmer base install: if you read Aymerick's post on the subject you'll see his good ideas on how to move this forward. 0.5 pending
merging templates for !Add/Edit functionality in all modules User/WernerKrauss 0.4.x in progress (75%)
internal site search (will be a lot easier with RFC/ContentManager) pending
moving navigation tab labels into the db for multi-lang User/AjTarachanowicz pending
dynamic placement of menu at preselected point in page pending
forum. phpbb-inspired, yet lean and mean, like SGL. User/JacobHanson 2004-12-31 in progress
modify Block , Publisher, Faq, Guestbook, Messaging, & RandomMsg Modules to use SGL_Item User/AjTarachanowicz 0.5.x pending
rename Publisher to Content Module User/AjTarachanowicz 0.5.x pending