= A short Howto look over freshly imported wiki pages = 1. Choose a cluster to look through 1. Create the parent page (if it's now in there). A good example is [wiki:Code] 1. Check if everything is ok. Have a look at new wiki syntax of trac. 1. If everything is fine, remove the "FIXME: Look over new file..." flag at the beginning of the wikipage 1. go to every page in this cluster and check for correctness... == Headings == every page should start with a H1 heading: {{{ = Heading = (Be sure to make sure there is a space before and after the heading.) }}} so some (very old) pages headings have to be reorganized. the content of this H1-heading is a short "preview" in the subwiki makro (automatic overview list of a cluster) == TOC == Add a Table Of Contents if needed: {{{ [[TOC]] }}} == Code Blocks == Automatic converting could also have damaged some code blocks. In doubt copy them manualy from the old wacko page http://seagull.phpkitchen.com/docs/ == Url == === Wiki Link === {{{ [wiki:Internal/Wiki2TracIntegration] }}} === Displaying URL without a link === {{{ !http://trac.seagullproject.org }}}