Wackowiki to Trac Wiki conversion

http://wackowiki.com/WackoDocDeutsch/Formatierung http://trac.seagullproject.org/wiki/WikiFormatting

Currently working on / Todo

  • Move all Pages inside Clusters:
    • Tutorials
    • Howtos
    • User
  • Port pages to trac (can be done automatically)
  • Go over every page in trac for formatting issues etc...
  • Make SubWiki? macro (or something similar) work in trac !/DemianTurner


strike trough""""
markup`nothing similar
notenothing similar
heading2-7 =, on the right side only == needed, no space needed in between1-5 =, equal number on both sides, space between = and heading text
tablestables with and without cell borders. line begins with """", in between cells: "|" |only table with border, no special markup for beginning and ending of a table. line begins with """" and this token is in between all cells.


hiding wikinames""WikiName""WikiName
ImagesUrls ending with image extension are converted to image tags. works also with uploaded files Urls ending with image extension are converted to image tags
Links ""Link Text? or Text? or WikiLink?""Edgewall Software Title Index also direct link to ticket or svn possible
Interwiki Linkse.g. wacko:WackoDocDeutsch nothing found for this yet


Table of Contents"" """"[TOC]""
Subwiki / Tree""{{tree root="/Internal" style="ul" nomark="1"}}""nothing similar yet. [SubWiki?] should do this job...


For preformating text (e.g. code etc) see also: http://trac.seagullproject.org/wiki/WikiProcessors

seems like formatters for IRC or email are missing in trac

php or other code ""{{{

}}}""[[BR]]#!c[[BR]]int main(int argc, char *argv[])[[BR]]{[[BR]] printf("Hello World\n");[[BR]] return 0;[[BR]]}[[BR]]


I think we need to follow these steps:

  • write a script to export each wacko wiki page from DB to PageName.txt
  • run another script converting each WackoWiki.txt -> TracWiki.txt
    • todo: images, ,
  • run trac import commandline tool on dir

export from wacko

you can easily export a single wiki page or a whole cluster (unfortunately not the whole wiki)


So first we have to move all pages that are not inside clusters to several clusters...


write a convert script that grabs the xml file and outputs the trac-file as plain text containing wiki formatting

mark each file with "FIXME: Import to trac", cause i believe we have to control every single file (for content and at least for formatting)

start with clusteer /Internal/ first for testing... make a /Internal/Sandbox file with demo markup

import to trac

wiki list List wiki pages wiki export <page> [file] Export wiki page to file or stdout wiki import <page> [file] Import wiki page from file or stdin wiki dump <directory> Export all wiki pages to files named by title wiki load <directory> Import all wiki pages from directory wiki upgrade Upgrade default wiki pages to current version


We have many ways of formatting in wacko, guess not all can be converted with a single script

First Script

This is a php-cli program. Save an export.xml file to disk and pass it to the program.

e.g. type php wacko2trac.php -f=export.xml

echo "Wacko2Trac Converter\n";
require_once "XML/RSS.php";
require_once "Console/Getopt.php";
* Displays the usage of this script
* Called when -h option specified or on illegal option
function usage() {
 $usage = <<<EOD
Usage: ./test.php [OPTION]
for converting an exported wacko wiki cluster to trac syntax.
 -f=path        path to wacko rss file to parse
 -h             Display this help
 ~~file path    synonym for -f
 ~~help         synonym for -h
// Define exit codes for errors
$args = Console_Getopt::readPHPArgv();
// Reading the incoming arguments - same as $argv
$args = Console_Getopt::readPHPArgv();
// Make sure we got them (for non CLI binaries)
if (PEAR::isError($args] {
// get console options:
$shortoptions = "f:h";
$longoptions = array('file=','help');
// Convert the arguments to options - check for the first argument
if ( realpath($_SERVER['argv'][0]) == __FILE__ ) {
   $options = Console_Getopt::getOpt($args,$shortoptions,$longoptions);
} else {
   $options = Console_Getopt::getOpt2($args,$shortoptions,$longoptions);
// Check the options are valid
if (PEAR::isError($options] {
$filename = NULL;
// Loop through the user provided options
 foreach ( $options[0] as $option ) {
   switch ( $option[0] ) {
     case 'h': case '~~help':
     case 'f': case '~~file':
       $filename = $option[1];
// for demo: use a fixed filename for parsing
// $filename = ($filename != NULL) ? $filename : 'wiki_export/internal.wakka.php.xml';
if ($filename == NULL) usage();
$rss =& new XML_RSS($filename);
$rss->itemTags = array('TITLE', 'LINK', 'DESCRIPTION', 'PUBDATE','AUTHOR', 'GUID');
if (PEAR::isError($args] {
// get each item
$convert = array (
    ''''' => "'''", ''bold
    '[' => '[',   ''link
    ']' => ']',
    '[' => '[',   ''link
    ']' => ']',
    '~~' => '~~',  ''strike through
    '  * ' => '  * ', ''list item
    '}}}' => "{{{\n#!php", ''formatter: put here all formatters before end token
    '{{{' => '}}}',
    '`' => ''''', ''convert ` to bold
    '' => '', ''table
    '' => '',
// TODO: redirect... but i guess this is better to do manually...
// TODO: '' etc... to bold?
$convert_regex = array (
    '#^''#' => "''", ''italic, but not in http://foobar etc...
    '#(?<!:)''#' => "\1''",
    '#[[TOC]]#' => '[TOC]', ''TOC
    '#~([A-Z]\w*[A-Z]\w*)#' => '!\1', '' !WikiName
    '#=(={1,5})([^=].*?)={2,6}#' => '\1 \2 \1', ''headings...
// generate arrays for str_replace;
foreach ($convert as $key=>$value) {
    $wacko[] = $key;
    $trac[]  = $value;
foreach ($convert_regex as $key=>$value) {
    $wacko_regex[] = $key;
    $trac_regex[]  = $value;
// pseudo-filename when $title is empty...
$cluster = $rss->getChannelInfo();
$clusterName = $cluster['title'];
// create directory
if (!file_exists($clusterName] mkdir($clusterName);
$filename_nr = 1;
foreach ($rss->getItems() as $item) {
    // echo "Author: ".$item['author']."\n";
    echo "Title:  ".$item['guid']."\n";
    // echo "Text:   ".$item['description']."\n";
    echo "\n\n'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''*\n\n";
    // replace tokens
    $description = str_replace($wacko,$trac,$item['description']);
    $description = preg_replace($wacko_regex,$trac_regex,$description);
    // replace table cells
    preg_match_all('#\|\|(.*?)\|\', $description,$table);
    foreach ($table[1] as $row) {
        $trac_row = str_replace('|','||',$row);
        $description = str_replace($row,$trac_row,$description);
    // echo "Trac:   ".$description."\n";
    // echo "\n\n'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''*\n\n";
    $new_text = "FIXME: Look over new file... \n\n".$description;
    // save to file:
    if ($item['guid']=='') {
        $item['guid'] = $clusterName.$filename_nr;
    // check if it's a subcluster
    if (strpos($item['guid'],'/'] {
        $path = explode('/',$item['guid']);
        // rename parent file
        if (is_file($clusterName.'/'.$path[0]] {
    $handle = fopen($clusterName.'/'.$item['guid'],'a');
    if (!fwrite($handle, $new_text] {
       print "Cannot write to $filename";
    // wait for pressing enter...
    // $foo=fgets(STDIN);