Single Sign On

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Further Reading


Since version 0.6.0RC3, Seagull allows you to implement a type of single sign on with other sites, this is actively used in the FUDforum integration.

The onLogin event is now setup to support Observers, so you can create login scripts to your other projects, register them with the onLogin event, and a Seagull authentication will simoultaneously authenticate with these sites.

The LoginMgr?'s onLogin event is handled by the User_DoLogin class in the same file.

The user module's config file looks like this:

requiresAuth    = false
logonAdminGoto  = default^module
logonUserGoto   = user^account
recordLogin     = true
observers       = ;DoFudLogin

The DoFudLogin observer is disabled by default, to enable remove semi-colon. To register additional observers, add them as a comma-separated list, where each name represents an observer class that can be found in seagull/modules/user/classes/observers.

Further Reading

The process described above is a pseudo single sign on at best, for something more scalable take a look at