Integrating Paypal

A couple of years ago I put together some quick Paypal integration code, based on a lib that was available at the time. Grab the code here.

The contents look like this:

-rw-r~~r~~   1 demian demian 8294 May  3 00:07 IpnMgr.php
-rw-r~~r~~   1 demian demian 4595 May  3 00:09 paypal_ipn.php
-rw-r~~r~~   1 demian demian 1605 May  3 00:08 Transaction.php
-rw-rw-r~~   1 demian demian  876 May  3 00:11 transaction.sql

Even though the code is old the Seagull basics have changed little, so you can pretty much copy and paste what's here.

  • IpnMgr.php: manages Paypal notifications, call this with a static file like
  • paypal_ipn.php: this small class takes care of the main logic
  • Transaction.php: this is the entity created by DataObject
  • transaction.sql: here is the sql for a table you could use to store the transactions

Ideally, some of these ideas could be used and integrated into the Payment_Process package at PEAR, as a Paypal driver.