Minimum Requirements

To run Seagull you need at least

  • a Webserver (e.g Apache (any version) or IIS)
  • PHP 4.3 or greater, including php 5.1 or greater (running either as a cgi or mod_php)
  • a MySQL, Postgres, or Oracle database. As the PEAR::DB abstraction layer is used, any database supported by the library should be usable by Seagull, however you may need to customise the supplied SQL schema and data files.
  • in php.ini, set memory_limit to at least 16M (only required when PHP is compiled with --enable-memory-limit)

Currently Seagull works fine in a shared-hosting environment, but safe_mode must be disabled.

All of the above is flagged in the environment detection screen of the web-based installer.