Customising the Installer


Once you've developed your site in Seagull, built your custom modules and created your sample data, you are going to want to customise the installation process to your customer's needs.

You can do this renaming the file seagull/etc/customInstallDefaults.ini.dist to seagull/etc/customInstallDefaults.ini and modifying the sample settings in it.

Customising config settings

As of Seagull 0.6.2 you can customise any config setting from the global config file, not just params from the installer. Just add the ini settings as required to seagull/etc/customInstallDefaults.ini, ie

key = value

Advanced example

In the example below many customisation techniques are used:

; Add your customised settings below, and rename this file to customInstallDefaults.ini.
; Then when you run the Seagull installer, these values will be used.
adminFirstName   = Demian
adminLastName    = Turner
siteName         = Foo
adminEmail       =
siteKeywords     =
siteDesc         =
siteCookie       = FOOSESSID
prefix           =
name             = foo ; this is database name
aModuleList      = block,cms,export,default,media,user
defaultTheme = babyfy
showLogo = logo.gif
inputUrlHandlers = Classic,Sef
moduleDirOverride = modulesFOO
pathToCustomConfigFile = ../modulesFOO/constants.php
uploadDirOverride = /www/themes/foo/images/uploads