Adding JavaScript Files


Since Seagull 0.6.2 you can include any javascript file by calling $output->addJavascriptFile($file) in you manager.

This method takes a single param that can be either a single string or an array of files to load, relative to the SGL_WEB_ROOT, i.e. the www folder in your Seagull install:




are both valid. As you can notice, you may also require remote javascript files by providing an absolute path.

Also you now have the possibility to require a file that will be loaded in every page of your site.

Simply add it to the main configuration file :

$conf['site']['globalJavascriptFiles'] = 'js/file';

Again you can provide several files, separating them with a semicolon ";"

$conf['site']['globalJavascriptFiles'] = 'js/file1.js;js/file2.js';

and require remote files by providing an absolute path.

$conf['site']['globalJavascriptFiles'] = '';

Before 0.6.2

In order for your manager to load custom JavaScript files just build an array of 1 or more js filenames and add it to the javascriptSrc property of the output object. Use a path starting from the webroot.

    $output->javascriptSrc = array('js/PageView.js','js/packaging.js');

This will add the files js/PageView.js and js/packaging.js to the <head> element of your html file when the manager is loaded.

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