Hebrew and RTL Languages

Here's a summary of how Asaf got this working.

New in Seagull 0.6.3

The language direction attribute is now automatically set to RTL if your current language is Arabic or Hebrew. In the SGL_Task_BuildOutputData task the following code sets the attribute:

$output->langDir = ($output->currLang == 'ar' || $output->currLang == 'he') ? 'rtl' : 'ltr';

And in the header.html template the result is echoed out:

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang="{currLang}" xml:lang="{currLang}" dir="{langDir}">

Setting up UTF-8 in the MySQL 4.1

in ary.languages.php we added:

'he-utf-8'=> array('he([-_][:alpha:]{2})?|hebrew',  'hebrew-utf-8', 'he'),

We kinda move SGL's encoding to UTF8 and use UTF8 instead of ISO, that way we have good support for all languages.

For best results, modify Config -> DB -> Post-connection query with a value like: SET NAMES 'utf8'

We also added just for fun to the master.html file the following when ($lang == "he") :

<form name=language action="{sScriptName}?{sQueryString}" method=post flexy:ignore>
<input name=lang type=hidden value='en-utf-8'>
<a href="javascript:changeLanguage('he');">
  <img src="{webRoot}/themes/{theme}/images/icons/tiny/il.png" alt="Hebrew"/>
<a href="javascript:changeLanguage('en');">
  <img src="{webRoot}/themes/{theme}/images/icons/tiny/us.png" alt="English"/>

Implementing RTL Texf flow

This is very easy in modern browsers, simply implement a 'dir' attribute in the page's parent container div:

<div id="sgl-header-left" dir="rtl" style="position:absolute;top:0px;left:1px;z-index:2;">