Maintenance mode


  • >= Seagull 0.6.3

How to enable Maintenance mode

  • login as admin
  • select General -> Configuration
  • set 'Maintenance mode' to Yes
  • set and admin secret key that will allow you to enter a URL parameter to bypass the maintenance mode screen
    • eg, set 'Admin key' to 'foo'
  • save your settings
  • hit the Seagull logo to get the front end view
  • logout

Maintenance mode is now activated.

How to disable Maintenance mode

  • enter any Seagull URL and pass your secret key as the value of the parameter 'adminKey'
  • you will now see the default Seagull screen, and can login using the standard form


If you run into problems, or have to deal with an installation where the admin forgot his/her key, simply edit the seagull/var/<mydomain>.conf.php directly and unset maintenance mode under the [site] group.