The purpose of this Howto is to guide you through the process of using dojo to AJAXify a module. We will use the Faq module as an example.


Modifying Templates

Master Templates

dojo has many widgets which you can use for various tasks. We will be using the ContentPane widget to dynamically replace the content of a <div>. In all of the master template files you use you will need and add the attributes (dojoType & executeScripts) below. Since we will only be modifying the Admin Manager for the Faq Module you will need to modify trunk/modules/default/templates/admin_master.html. You will also need to enclose outputBody() within a <div> with the ID adminContent.

<div id="adminContent" dojoType="ContentPane" executeScripts="true"> 

Admin Templates

We need to require the dojo widget ContentPane in trunk/modules/default/templates/admin_header.html before the </head> tag.

<script type="text/javascript">

Faq Templates

Next we need to modify the links to use javascript to request and display the desired action. Modify line 3 of trunk/modules/faq/classes/admin_faqList.html to resemble the line below

<a class="action add" onclick="javascript:dojo.widget.byId('content').setUrl('{makeUrl(#add#,#adminfaq#,#faq#)}')">{translate(#new faq#)}</a>

Now modify the edit link on line 51 to look like the line below

<a onclick="javascript:dojo.widget.byId('content').setUrl('{makeUrl(#edit#,#adminfaq#,##,aPagedData[data],#frmFaqId|faq_id#,key)}')">{aValue[question]}</a>

Modifying Admin Faq Manager

Next, we need to modify our add() and edit() methods to use the masterFeed.html master template. Add the following line to both methods.

$output->masterTemplate = 'masterFeed.html';

Submitting Froms via XmlHttpRequest