History of the Seagull Project

The Seagull project was launched on Sourceforge on 2003–10–14, after about 2 years of private development.

My first experience of a PHP 'framework' from a user point of view was PHP nuke, in 1999. I was amazed at the time that such an apparently simple tool could create a whole website. Looking at the code, however, I began searching for alternatives, and the first interesting project I found was Horde. Experimenting with that codebase was fun and educational, but I wasn't satisfied with the amount of effort required to install the framework, the need for non-standard PHP extensions, etc.

Around a year later I was freelancing in Spain and needed to get customer projects out the door as quickly as possible. The code had to be modular, extensible, and easy to maintain and upgrade - the solution I came up with was Seagull. It started as about 10 files and eventually grew into what it is today, although the main MVC workflow concept of validate/process/display has remained unchanged since the beginning.

Today in 2006 we are one of the few framework projects that have been around for 5 years and are still going strong. The success of the project is largely due to the enthusiastic community, and the ability of the codebase to adapt easily with changing requirements and fashions. With the recent wave of not only framework projects but RoR clones, Seagull still delivers competitive functionality that puts it with the leaders of the pack.