User Management

How do I auto-enable user registrations?

By default, users cannot login to the application after a successful registration. To enable this and review registrations manually, edit the conf.ini file in seagull/modules/user/ and set the [registermgr][autoEnable] key to true.

How do I disable registration confirmation emails being sent out?

Edit the conf.ini file in seagull/modules/user/ and set the [registermgr][sendEmailConf] key to false.

Is there a way to *not* let users register on your site?

In the conf.ini file for the user module, find the enabled key under RegisterMgr and set it to false.

Is there a way to redirect users to custom default module/manager/action ?

0.5.5 version

Yes, you can, but it's a bit tricky. You have to define your user redirects in the conf.ini, admitting you put the role in the mask logon_%s_Goto like this :

logonUserGoto          = default^default
logon_root_Goto        = navigation^page
logon_member_Goto      = user^account
logon_subadmin_Goto    = mymodule^mymanager^myaction
logon_subsubadmin_Goto = mymodule^myothermanager^myotheraction

Then in LoginMgr.php you have to replace this line :

$type = ($res['role_id'] == SGL_ADMIN) ? 'logonAdminGoto' : 'logonUserGoto';

By this piece of code, eg. to catch user's role :

$role = DA_User::getRoleNameById($_SESSION['rid']);
if (array_key_exists('logon'.$role.'Goto', $this->conf['LoginMgr'])) {
    list($mod, $mgr, $act) = split('\^', $this->conf['LoginMgr']['logon'.$role.'Goto']);
    $aParams = array(
        'moduleName'  => $mod,
        'managerName' => $mgr,
    if ($act && trim($act) != '')
        $aParams['action'] = $act;
} else {
    SGL::logMessage('Could note find route for role ' . $role, PEAR_LOG_DEBUG);
    $aParams = $this->conf['LoginMgr']['logonUserGoto'];