Internationalisation and Localisation

Which languages are supported?

See /TranslatingModules for a list of supported languages. Feel free to help us translating to your language.

How can I create non-english sites?

  • Login as an admin (admin/admin)
  • hit 'Users and Security'
  • then choose preferences and set the sitewide default language preference to your language.

For a list of the lang strings that can be used please consult seagull/lib/data/ary.languages.php and use the relevant hash key

How can I switch between the languages?

See the sample article of your (?SGL == Seagull?) install for how this is done per page.

How can I create multilingual menus?

The current navigation-module doesn't support multilingual menus. This may be fixed in a future release.

How do I display Canadian provinces?

The data files for Canadian provinces are available here.