== Seagull on Shared Hosting == === Setting up Seagull with SSH Access === 1. Download Seagull from Sourceforge. 2. In your home directory create a directory called lib. 3. Decompress Seagull in the new lib directory. 4. Move public_html to public_html.bak 5. Create a symbolic link from /home/user/lib/seagull/www to public_html {{{ ln -s /home/user/lib/seagull/www public_html }}} 6. Make the 'var/' directory sticky (all new files created in this directory will be created with the same group as 'var/') and writable. {{{ cd /home/user/lib/seagull chmod g+s var/ chmod 777 var/ }}} 7. Next, run the installer by entering the url to your public_html directory in your browser. (ex. http://localhost/~username/ or http://domainname/) === Setting up Seagull without SSH Access === 1. Download Seagull from Sourceforge. 2. Decompress Seagull in a temp directory. 3. Using FTP upload all the directories (etc/, lib/, modules/, tests/, www/, var/) and files within the Seagull directory to the directory below your web root. This is usually your home directory. 4. Next, make the 'var/' directory writable. {{{ cd /home/user/lib/seagull chmod 777 var/ }}} 5. Now rename your web directory to 'public_html.bak' 6. Rename the Seagull 'www' to 'public_html' 7. Run the Seagull Installer and in step 5 set the proper path to the Seagull www directory (ie. /home/user/public_html)