LU Meeting


  • difference between RBAC and ACL
<rcasburn> what i've seen mostly with ACL is everything is jumbled ito one container of some sort (virtual data store)...there is no cocept of 
<rcasburn> separate containers
  • LU can easily replace sgl's SGL_Process::SGL_Task_AuthenticateRequest task
  • store LU object in registry, call 2nd time in SGL_Manager::_authorise for perm check
  • existing perms constants can be used by LU for discoverable perm checking

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  • LU authentication seems a bit redundant with what exists in trunk
  • LU branch needs to be upgraded with trunk to make user of SGL_Auth
  • SGL_Perm should be developed more and moved into trunk
  • move towards having an SGL_User object
  • make SGL_Session pluggable, so current session implementation can be dropped when LU integrated