• outline of goals here: http://trac.seagullproject.org/attachment/wiki/Community/MonthlyMeeting/20060323/SGLDevNetwork.pdf?format=raw
  • Steve to prepare server for SDN hosting
  • SDN membership to be charged at USD $20/mnth, or $200 if 1 year paid in advance
  • members
    • will receive ability to host multiple trac projects, including svn hosting
    • will get first dibs for bounties offered in the Bounty Program
    • discounts for reselling commercial Seagull modules
    • access to modules only available to SDN members
    • account on SDN channel server, each member would a private channel
  • bounty modules must be built, do it as part of a 'how to bulid a module' tutorial
  • bounty prices will be public
  • setup PEAR Channel server on rhino
  • setup sdn.seagullsystems.com