Live Chat with Seagull Devs

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  1. IRC commands
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There is an IRC-channel for seagull. Feel free to join and ask or just talk!

Beginners problems could be solved there.


channel: #seagull (bot)

note: this is for solving problems quickly. otherwise just go to the mailinglist

Here is a list of used Acronyms. Chat archives can be viewed here.

IRC commands

To register your nickname so no other could 'steal' your nickname: /msg NickServ REGISTER <password>

To 'login', eg identify yourself when joining the channel: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <your password>

To kill a 'ghost' instance of your nick, eg if you got logged off due to network probs: /msg NickServ GHOST <nickname> [password]

To rename your nick: /nick mynewnick

To 'think aloud': /me <say something>

To get help on several IRC commands: /help

See Also